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Braveheart-patience rather than bravery is probably needed by investors!

I met the management of Braveheart Investment Group recently the technology commercialisation and investment management group which has a decent track record built up since 1997 of delivering attractive returns to investors by making investments in companies which commercialise intellectual property. Braveheart has established relationshiops with several universities and is well placed to benefit from the boffin’s endeavours.

The model looks interesting although with the shares now trading at 154p, having floated in March at 160p, investors seem less interested. I can sympathise with them as it’s hard to get excited about a business that has a host of investments, one (or two) of which might, just might, prove to be a huge successes!

It looks like one of those investments to lock away in a drawer (electronically speaking) and forget about for a few years. So probably one for the patient and not the brave!


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