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The market turns red and I blame it firmly on my colleague

Well what a day, red across the board with the FTSE 100 down a whopping 3.6% and the FTSE 250 and AIM indices down 4%. The FTSE Small Cap was actually one of the better performers down only 2.96%.

Shares in Jetion Holdings (AIM:JHL) tumbled another 8%, although it looked like some buyers returned.

Of the small caps and AIM stocks that we follow it was interesting to see what didn’t fall.

At the beginning of the day the great James Halstead (AIM:JHD) was the exception but I see that even it finally succumbed, registering a miniscule bit of red (-0.17%). I actually think some sado just couldn’t bear it!

Other notable risers from our universe were Braemar Seascope (+2.4%, after a Director bought a few shares), NWF (nothing to talk about and the shares were shot to pieces earlier in the week), Northbridge Industrial Services (+0.90%, nice little business), Titan Europe (+0.66% - loaded with debt so I can’t see the appeal here), Vantis (+3%, but it’s lost a hatful over the past month anyway) and IDOX (+2.50% and looked reasonable value a few weeks ago)

Sub Prime woes my foot – it’s my colleague whose caused this

Many seem to be blaming recent stock market falls on the sub prime woes emanating from the US. Who thought up that stupid term anyway, how can anything be sup-prime? You can’t get Sub Prime Beef, at least I’ve never heard of it. It probably wouldn’t do you any good if you could. It’s either Prime or something else but certainly not 'Sub Prime'.

Anyway, as I see it the main reason for the recent falls is my colleague’s absence on holiday.

Over the past 7 years or so nearly every material market pull back has coincided with his absence from the office on holiday. I used to think that he was only responsible for the Nasdaq but now I believe it’s a lot more sinister

I am happy to report that he is due back in the office on Monday 20th by which time there should be some bargains out there-hopefully anyway!


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